Faulty fire hose reel causes death – Who’s to blame?

Bukit Batok fire

  • A fire occurred in Bukit Batok on Nov 1
  • A faulty fire hose heel meant that there was no water supply to fight the fire
  • A woman in her 60s was caught helpless and sadly, passed away.
Clutter blocks fire hose reel from being used in an emergency

Who’s to blame?

A contractor was found to have left a switch in the wrong mode, which led to the water supply of the fire hose reel being cut off. It was a simple mistake, yet it costed a life. How do we ensure that these public safety measures can be deployed? Often times, these measures are only tested and used when the situation calls for it – only then do we start to notice the hazards and issues.

Protecting our loved ones

This goes to show we cannot take fire safety for granted as such freak accidents still occur, harming our loved ones and destroying our homes. To safeguard our loved ones and home, it is important for us to have our own safety measures and fire safety tools.

Fire extinguishers can be a small but important part of the home fire safety plan. They can save lives and property by putting out a small fire or suppressing it until the fire department arrives. The XFLAME MSJ-500 is a simple and affordable way to protect our loved ones. Our leading aerosol extinguisher, is not only environmentally friendly, but user friendly. It is designed to easily to carry and deployed by both children and seniors.

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