How $39 could have prevented a fire that ruined CNY for 180 people

It’s the year of the rat this year, and as the other years, many of us were busy celebrating Chinese New Year with our friends and relatives. Amidst all the vibrancy and joy, have you ever imagined that a e-bicycle battery would ruin this occasion for an entire block of people? Well, this actually happened to a group of residents living in Hougang. If we cannot ensure that our neighbours take safety measures to prevent such incidents, how can we prevent our loved ones and properties from such tragedies?

It’s the second day of the Chinese New Year celebrations. An e-bicycle battery explodes, setting an entire unit ablaze and flames spreading to neighbouring units. As the flames engulf the residential estate, 180 residents run to their safety thinking about the expensive possessions they have left behind and worrying about the cost of the repair damage. Unfortunately, 2 of them were not so lucky and required attention by paramedics as the suffered from burns and breathing difficulties. It certainly wasn’t their fault, but nevertheless they were victims of someone else’s irresponsible actions. Could $39 have mitigated the incident? Now, if any of the residents had fire suppressants, this incident would not have gone so out of hand.

The XFLAME MSJ-500 is a simple and affordable way to protect our loved ones. Our leading aerosol extinguisher, is not only environmentally friendly, but user friendly. It is designed to easily to carry and deployed by both children and seniors. Most of us would consider fires to be rare occurrences in Singapore, however , are YOU willing to take that chance?

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