XFLAME MSJ-500, Aerosol Extinguisher

XFLAME MSJ-500, Aerosol Extinguisher

Typical usage:

Fires in Car, hospital, office, home, garage, camping barbecue, cooking oil fires, wood fires, paper fires, plastics fires, personal mobility device fires, power bank fires

5 Herbal Ingredients

honey locust

Honey Locust

elm bark

Elm Bark

plant ash

Plant Ash

ay tsao

Ay Tsao




Specification of XFLAME MSJ-500 Aerosol Extinguisher

Product Type - Aerosol Type Fire Extinguisher

Model - MSJ-500

Discharge Time - ≥12 sec

Longest Distance - ≥2 m

Effective Discharge - ≥99%,several spraying

Operating Temperature - 0~60℃

Operating Pressure - 0.9~1.0Mpa

Weight - 630g

Total Volume - 500ml

Extinguishing Agent - AFFF Foam

Fire Rating - 3A\13B\5F

Expire Date - 2 years

Standard - BS6165:2002/DIN SPEC 14411 :2013


Probably the Only Environmental Friendly Herbal Fire Extinguisher

Tested by TUV SUD PSB Singapore

Certification of Green Label Singapore

Dielectric tested by Germany MPA Dresden

Easy to use and light weight

Suitable for young and senior to deploy


Advantages of XFLAME MSJ-500 Aerosol Extinguisher

Environmental Friendly

Certification of Green Label Singapore

Non-Toxic, Hazardous-Free


No Second Pollution

No Risk of Explosion

Prevent after Combustion

Quick Reduction of Temperature

Sprays from Any Position (360°)

Served as Wetting Agent during Evacuation

Maintenance Free during Service Life

XFLAME MSJ-500, Aerosol Extinguisher

XFLAME 2, 6, 9 Litres Fire Extinguisher

There is also 2 litres, 6 litres and 9 litres fire extinguisher for commercial usage.

(…coming soon, so look out for it or enquire on your interest)


Provision of XFLAME plant-based active flame retardant agent into sprinkler alarm systems and fire fighting equipment

Typical usage:

Oil Field, Forest, Chemical, Civil


It is use for oil field, chemical plant, forest and civil usage, and it can be integrated into current fire fighting system.


Environmental friendly

Non-toxic property

High efficiency in extinguish fire


Good compatibility for equipment