Fire alarm

Maintenance of the fire extinguisher and control panel of the sprinkler alarm system

Regular servicing and maintenance of the fire extinguishers is a legal requirement. Hence, we can assist in providing inspection, maintenance and replenishing of fire extinguisher.

After integrating with XFLAME, there will be additional control panel on the sprinkler alarm system to monitor it. Low maintenance required on the control panel

Provision of Fire Safety Managers

Provision of Fire Safety Managers

Overview of Fire Safety Regulations

The Fire Safety (Fire Safety Manager) Regulations 1994 introduced by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has become mandatory of building owners to appoint a Fire Safety Manager (FSM).

Buildings Requiring a FSM

All Commercial or Industrial Buildings which satisfy at least one of the conditions below need to appoint a FSM:

  1. Commercial Buildings:
  • 9 storey or more (inclusive of basement)
  • used as a hospital
  • floor area with 5000 square metres or more
  • occupant load of 1000 persons or more
  1. Industrial Buildings:
  • floor area with 5000 square metres or more
  • occupant load of 1000 persons or more
Provision of Workplace Safety & Health Officers

Provision of Fire Safety Managers

Provision of Workplace Safety & Health Officers

Workplace Safety and Health Officers (WSHO)
Under the regulations, the following workplaces are required to appoint a Workplace Safety and Health Officer (WSHO):

  • Shipyards in which any ships, tankers and other vessels are constructed, reconstructed, repaired, refitted, finished, or broken up.
  • Factories used for processing petroleum or petroleum products.
  • Factories in which building operations or works of engineering construction of a contract sum of $10 million or more are carried out.
  • Any other factories in which 100 or more persons are employed, except those which are used for manufacturing garments.

Workplaces or projects which does not falls under the requirements above are also encouraged to engage a WSH officer to assist in safety and health implementation such as risk management or to conduct safety inspection of workplaces and providing advice on improving workplace safety and health.

ISO Consultancy

ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 Consultancy

ISO 45001 is the world's international standard for occupational health and safety, issued to protect employees and visitors from work-related accidents and diseases. ISO 45001 certification was developed to mitigate any factors that can cause employees and businesses irreparable harm.

ISO 14001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS). It provides a framework that an organization can follow, rather than establishing environmental performance requirements.

We assist clients to embark on their journey in ISO 45001 and 14001 to develop and implement the relevant management system and procedures, as well as the certification process.


Manufacturing of the XFLAME plant-based active flame-retardant agent

As of 2023, manufacturing of the plant-based retardant agent will be available directly in Singapore manufacturing plant.